Zyxel AM3100

Product Item Number: 391-0206000004

Product Categories: CPE / Fiber, By Vendor / Zyxel

    AM3100 Fiber Gateway Product Details

    Visit the Zyxel AM3100-B0 product page on the vendor's website.

    You can also get the product specifications from the datasheet.

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    High Performance

    The Zyxel AM3100-B0 Gigabit Active Fiber Gateway provides high-speed active fiber internet access to meet the market requirements for highperformance Gigabit bandwidth.

    Read more about the AM3100 here. 

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    Bridge and Router Modes

    The bridge/router function allows Zyxel AM3100 to be configured as an SFU or HGU. This allows facilitating service providers to start a new deployment or upgrade their service by connecting to the subscriber’s existing broadband router. 

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    Runs on Zyxel OPAL

    Zyxel now uses their Linux-based operating system OPAL on all new CPEs. This ensures increased predictability of feature set, bug fixes, and versioning and simplifies the implementation of standard configurations across your device pool.