Fagdager 2018: Post-Event Survey

All things considered, would you want to attend a similar event next year? *

Who did you represent at fagdagene? *

What did you think of the event? (1= terrible, 5 = excellent) *

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Food and beverages
Venue and meeting rooms
Information beforehand
Host and information along the way
Monday afternoon quiz
Monday night social event

What did you think of the presentations? *

Didn't attend12345
Corleone Lee, Zyxel
Eren Soyak, Lifemote (Monday)
Jarleif Vågen, Vitnett and Geir Arne Rimala, Eye Networks
Zvika Haas, AirTies
Olve Øyehaug, Tussa
Jan Adelsten Røsholt, Elektronikkbransjen
Frode Elverum, Get
Alexandra Leisse, Vibbio
Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby, Urban Sharing Partner
Eren Soyak, Lifemote (Tuesday)
Maghsoud Morshedi, Eye Networks
Steen Garbers Enevoldsen, Fullrate

What was the best thing about this event?

What was not so good at this event?

What are your main takeaways?

What are some topics you would like to hear more about?