Returns and RMA

If you find a product to be defective or incomplete, you must within reasonable time send notification of defect to Eye Networks as the seller. 

The deadline for a notification of defect is no shorter than five working days from the customer's discovery of the defect.

Note: This process is only applies to products under warranty.

On larger solutions or systems with support licenses, the license must be valid for the warranty to apply. If you do not have a service and support license, the product is not under warranty and cannot be repaired or replaced.

How to Return a Defective Product

When you discover a defect on a received product or a product in operation, you need to get in touch with us before shipping anything:

  1. Send an email message to and explain which device(s) you want to return and when they were bought. We also ask that you include any error message(s) and details on attempts to verify the presumed defects.
  2. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If your case qualifies for RMA (return merchandise authorization), you will receive an RMA number and further instructions on how to do the shipping. If the case does not qualify, you will be notified of why.
  3. When you have received your RMA number, send the product(s) as a business package (bedriftspakke) clearly marked with the RMA number, addressed to Eye Networks, Ryensvingen 2, 0680 Oslo. 

  4. We will get in touch with you if we have any questions along the way. 

  5. We will let you know when the case is completed.

Note that Eye Networks does not cover the costs of any repairs or improvements you attempt without prior arrangement with us.

What Happens to Returned Products

We have different ways of testing presumed defective products, and the better information you provide us with, the better our starting point for picking our test strategy:

  • Defective products outside of warranty are disposed of without replacement or repair. 

  • Smaller defective products within warranty are disposed of and replaced.  (On products like gateways, desktop switches, transceivers, and media converters, we do not do repairs, as repairing such products usually has almost the same cost as buying a new product.)

  • Larger defective products within warranty are repaired, or they are disposed of and replaced.

  • Products tested and found to be non-defective are returned to the customer.


Warranty conditions vary between vendors and products.

Electronic Waste

We are under legal obligation to receive and dispose of electronic waste from products sold through Eye Networks AS.  An arrangement with El-Retur is in place. Products acquired through Eye Networks AS may be returned for safe disposal at El-Retur stations as needed, by prior appointment.