Sales Terms and Conditions

              What to expect when buying from Eye Networks


              These sales terms apply to all sales of goods and services from Eye Networks to business customers.

              Together with a confirmed sales order, these terms make up the contractual basis for your purchase.

              Our primary geographical area of operations is Norway, but we also deliver to other countries.

              The Parties 

              The Seller

              Eye Networks AS, Ryensvingen 2, 0680 Oslo, Norway, email , phone number: +47 22 82 08 80  

              Hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”. 

              The Buyer

              The business customer / company represented by the person placing the order.

              Hereinafter referred to as “you”, “your”, or “yours”.

              The Vendor

              The vendor or manufacturer of hardware and software for sale through Eye Networks.

              Prices and Shipping

              All prices are given in USD, VAT exclusive, FOB Oslo, Norway, unless otherwise agreed. 

              When placing an order through our webshop, you will receive a sales quotation by email that is not final and does not include shipping costs.

              As soon as we have reviewed your order, you will receive a sales order confirmation that includes shipping and any other additional costs incurred by your purchase.

              Shipping cost will vary by method, weight, volume, and destination.

              We will select the shipping method that is fastest, most reasonably priced and most appropriate for your needs. Standard economy shipping will be preferred unless otherwise specified at the time of placing the order. Express delivery of any kind must be arranged per delivery when needed.

              Within Oslo, most deliveries will be made by courier, unless the number of pallets requires larger means of transportation.

              Orders may also be picked up at our warehouse in Ryensvingen 2 with prior arrangement.

              Eye Networks AS reserves the right to correct typos and other errors with immediate effect. Currency fluctuations +/- 15% may also cause price adjustments that take effect immediately. Prices change constantly, and we also reserve the right to adjust prices due to price changes from our vendors.

              Stock Status and Delivery Times

              We have three main categories of products:

              • Stock item - products that should be in stock at all times for immediate shipment.
              • Order item - we will normally order these products from our vendor on receiving your order. 
              • Project item - these products may only be ordered as part of a larger project with prior planning.

              Stock items are shipped within 1-5 days from order confirmation provided enough items are available. Order and project items will be delivered as agreed.

              In the case of delayed product delivery, we will share this information with you as soon as we have it, together with information about when and whether delivery may happen, or whether products are no longer available / sold out. In the latter case we will suggest and provide a quote for a suitable replacement.

              Tracking and Responsibilities

              All deliveries sent by courier, Posten (the Norwegian postal service), and Bring Cargo get a tracking number that will be shared with the person placing the order.

              We assume the risk for products until they are in your possession.

              Duty to Examine Goods

              When you have received a product delivery you should, as soon as possible, examine the delivery to check that it is in accordance with your order confirmation, and whether products may have been damaged during transport or otherwise have defects or problems (see also Returns and RMA).

              Orders and Agreements

              Your order is binding when it has been both registered and confirmed. We are also bound by your order provided it does not diverge from what you have been offered by us through our webshop, our marketing, or through other channels. If the availability or delivery times for your products should change, we will let you know immediately.

              Read the confirmed sales order from us carefully upon receipt, and ensure that it is in accordance with what you ordered/requested. We reserve the right to cancel your order or parts of your order should a vendor phase out a product or solution without prior warning. Under such circumstances we will of course let you know about the change, and share information with you about suitable replacements as appropriate. You will be given the opportunity to accept a new and amended proposal or cancel your order.

              Webshop Information

              We strive to provide our customers with the most correct product information possible. However, typos and other errors may occur in both webshop and marketing materials that cause us not to be able to deliver exactly as described. Images used on our web pages may in some cases be illustrations or early prototypes for new models that diverge somewhat from the final product in look and feel.

              Overdue Payment

              In the case of overdue payment, we will initiate a debt collection process after sending notice to the customer.


              Secure and professional handling of personal and business sensitive information is important to as at Eye Networks.

              When you buy from us, we will store information about your company, such as delivery addresses and points of contacts with names and email addresses. This is information we need to ship your deliveries using your chosen shipping method and parthers, and keeping you up to date on your order(s). We are also obligated to store this information for accounting and tax purposes as well as warranty and return handling, which means that such history cannot be deleted.

              We also collect data from our webshop showing which categories and products are searched for and displayed. We use this information to learn about customer interest and needs and improve our portfolio, as well as providing relevant offers and related products to customers.

              Eye Networks does not share information about customers or other partners with third parties without prior consent from the customer/partner.

              Security for Unpaid Purchase

              Equipment delivered in accordance with these terms will be the property of the customer from such time as the equipment has been delivered and paid for.

              Customer Obligations

              Eye Networks customers are responsible for paying for goods and services from us or our partners in agreement with these terms and conditions. This responsibility extends to unauthorized use of the customer's access to placing orders, unless this can be proven to be caused by negligence on the part of Eye Networks.

              Force Majeure 

              If circumstances beyond the parties’ control, which is classified as force majeure pursuant to Norwegian law, significantly complicate the implementation of the Agreement, the parties’ obligations are suspended to the extent the circumstance is relevant and for as long as the circumstance lasts.  Eye Networks will be exempt from all responsibilities except crediting towards the agreed purchase price in the case of product complaints.

              If force majeure shall be invoked, the afflicted party must notify the other party. The duty to notify also applies upon the end of the force majeure. 

              During force majeure, the parties have a mutual duty to inform of circumstances that may be of significance to the other party. The information must be given within a reasonable time.

              Disputes and Jurisdictions

              Any disputes regarding these terms and conditions and related legal questions belong to the ordinary courts with Oslo District Court as the legal venue.

              Right of Use

              The customer has a limited right of use for the software/firmware that comes with any hardware. This right of use extends to the rights required for the customer to make use of the delivery as agreed. The customer is not given the right to distribute this software and copies thereof with a third party without the written consent of the party that has the rights to the software.

              For software sold as standalone products, the terms and conditions of each vendor applies.